How To Use Our Product

Essenciere’s terpene oils are THC-free enhancements for your edibles, flowers and extracts. Evenly distribute one drop per two grams of product or use a dilution of between .5 and 1% to create a satisfying, whole-plant experience.

Each of our terpene-rich varieties is distilled from strain-specific cultivars — no blends, no leftovers. For the most effective combination, match the Essenciere oil with products containing the same strain. For generic products, like CBD crystal, a single drop can transform your extract into Sour Diesel, Cookies or Blue Dream — as if you are experiencing the flower itself.

Essenciere’s essential oils are therapeutic-grade and beautifully fragrant. A drop or two in a diffuser provides a luxurious, relaxing aromatherapy session all on its own.

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