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Essenciere’s oils elevate your favorite edibles, extracts and other products to new heights. The pure essence of all-natural cannabis enhances and balances cannabinoids’ impact, making every experience exquisitely pleasurable and well-rounded.

It’s known as the “entourage” effect. Fragrant, volatile molecules called terpenes naturally occur in cannabis plants and help your body identify and process THC and CBD. Research shows the experience is more powerful and enjoyable when the whole plant is present alongside psychoactive compounds.

Coming from Northern California’s renowned cannabis culture, the two long-time cultivators behind Essenciere bring a connoisseur’s eye for quality and purity to every step of their process.

Essenciere produces only the finest terpene oils, using chemical-free steam distillation to extract more than 100 components from locally-sourced cannabis plants. The most rigorous testing available identifies every compound and ensures each beautiful, aromatic drop is THC- and pesticide-free.


Every experience should be exceptional, and that’s the drive behind Essenciere.

We’re moving beyond the race to the highest THC content, and focusing instead on providing the richest possible experience through a whole-plant approach. By adding back essential terpenes, we maximize the effects of your favorite products.

In the process, Essenciere brings the famed flavors, scents and unique benefits of Northern California’s most popular strains to your local California-based dispensary or retailer.


  • Terpenes: Our Fine California Terpenes are steam-distilled from strain-specific, whole-plant cultivars. They contain no THC or CBD, but are tailored to amplify and balance the benefits of each strain.
  • Vape Pen: Pure cannabis vape cartridge oil is extracted from strain specific whole plant material. Matching terpenes are then added back in to create a strain-specific, whole-plant experience in a vape cartridge. At 10%+ total terpenes and 70%+ THC, the difference in flavor, potency and effectiveness is black and white.
  • Extracts: Our extracts are made to the highest standards by Peridot Labs in Oakland. Their processes maximize terpene retention and potency, creating the ultimate whole-plant experience from an extract.

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